Go ahead, exchange me!

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It has been a lousy weekend, I haven't done anything really..
Well, I was supposed to go to Josefin's "holiday house" but I had to stay home to be with my dog, so that kinda sucked..But me and my boyfriend ordered food from http://www.pizza.nu/, lazy or what? x)
Then we drank some wine and watched Friends, as usually :D
My dog woke me up 3 in the morning, he was eating the leftovers from our food?! I don't know how he got it but he did..And that made me maaad!
I woke up 9am because I had to take the dog for a morning pee!
After that my father called and asked if I would like to come to the city for breakfest at "Mat&Prat"..So i did,
I ate a BBQ sandwich, and Oh My God it's was dilicious!
After that we went back to my fathers place to give my littlebrother some food..


My boyfriend Henrik picked me up around 23.30..
We we're supposed to go to Sunderbyn but we stayed at Statoil for like an hour or more to talk to Henrik's friend who works there, it was more fun then it sounds like!
Haha.. A veery drunk man came in and tried to steal a movie, but Emil saw it and stopped him!
and the funniest part is that it was just a moviecase..xD Good luck watching that movie ;)

.. I've finished watching Friends Season 5 and now i don't know what to do cause Josse won't be home until tomorrow ;/

Okay, you must be curious why i'm writing in english? well that's because I'm trying to get better!
I know i'm not the best at grammar and spelling so don't judge me to hard :)


I feel like you constantly pulling me away, what did I do this time?


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