I should've started running long time ago.

I fredags vart det balkonghäng hos far min,
pretty nice, vi lekte "sanning eller konsekvens" hahahah, Sara fick gå ner till grannen och fråga efter NSD =)
och jag fick sjunga inför alla " Hallelujah", hemskt.
Men det var en trevlig kväll med granna människor! =D
Mitt inatten så gjorde sandra såklart sina berömda varma mackor som hon alltid gör när hon är full och klockan är 3!
Orkar inte berätta mera om denna kväll.
when I woke up un saturday, Sara had been cleaning up the livingroom etc, that was really nice,
so all I had to do was the dishes.. Jonas and Lidde came around 12 o clock, stayed for a while and then they went home and i spented the rest of the day on the couch. Until Johanna called and wanted to do something, so  I had to get up and take a shower, first we were gonna rent a movie but couldn't find any good ones, so we went to the movie instead!
and we watched ''maid of honor'', pretty great film, after that i went home to my moms place, watched some OC and fell asleep. Today my mom came home around 12 and woke me up and e took our bikes and went to the city, and that's pretty much my weekend! the rest you can figure out from the pictures! kyssbye.



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